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Dec 10, 2018 | | min
  Genre: Drama
  Director: Dr. J.S. Randhawa
  Writer: Dr. J.S. Randhawa
  Cast & Crew: Birbal, Dr. J.S. Randhawa, Mahesh Gehlot, Manmauji, Manoj Bakshi, Mridul Gupta, Radha, Rahul Gautam, Ramesh Goyal, Ranjan Singh
  Synopsis: Sumit often gets into arguments bearing in mind than the elderly in his building, until his sister-in-con Aashi, transforms his attitude and together they reply a daycare middle for them. It is an school film which seeks to lift attentiveness roughly caring for the elderly and how people should spend the last leg of their lives in happiness.

  Producer: Aashi Singh, Dr. Sonal Randhawa, Mridul Gupta, Ranjan Singh
  Company: Reverberation films Privet Limited
  Country: India
  Language: Hindi

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