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Oct 30, 1992 | PG | 123 min
  Genre: Drama
  Director: Robert Redford
  Writer: Norman Maclean, Richard Friedenberg
  Cast & Crew: Brad Pitt, Brenda Blethyn, Craig Sheffer, Edie McClurg, Emily Lloyd, Nicole Burdette, Stephen Shellen, Susan Traylor, Tom Skerritt, Vann Gravage
  Synopsis: A River Runs Through It is a drama movie. The movie is about a the manner for this evocative accommodation of author Norman MacLean's memoir of his idyllic Montana youth years. The MacLean associates is presided on peak of by the strict but encouraging Rev. MacLean (Tom Skerritt) and his fond wife (Brenda Blethyn). Craig Sheffer stars as the youthful Norman, the older son in his family, who takes his educational take appear in and writing a bit too seriously for Paul (Brad Pitt), the impetuous younger son, to maintenance much amassing in. Paul would rather have a tolerable epoch, drink and action cards than profit on the go behind academic laboratory analysis. Where Norman wants to be a conservatory literature professor, Paul would choose to stay in Montana all his moving picture and wrangle some nice of job writing for a local newspaper. But, ironically, Paul is the greater than before hover fisherman and in this mannerism attains a wisdom of perfection.

  Producer: Amalia Mato, Barbara Maltby, Jake Eberts, Patrick Markey, William Kittredge
  Company: Allied Filmmakers, Wildwood Enterprises
  Country: United States
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Nada es para siempre | Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Fluß | Nada É Para Sempre | Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Fluß | Ved floden | El río de la vida | Ja keskellä virtaa joki | Et au milieu coule une rivière | Το ποτάμι κυλά ανάμεσά μας | Folyó szeli ketté | In mezzo scorre il fiume | Nada es para siempre | Der elven renner | Nada es para siempre | Rzeka zycia | Duas Vidas E Um Rio | Cândva pe aici trecea un râu | Reka uspomena | Там, где течет река | Där floden flyter fram | Reka poje mi | Nada es para siempre

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