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Acts of Violence ()

Jan 12, 2018 | R | 86 min
  Genre: Action, Drama
  Director: Brett Donowho
  Writer: Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto
  Cast & Crew: Ashton Holmes, Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Jenna B. Kelly, Melissa Bolona, Mike Epps, Sean Brosnan, Shawn Ashmore, Sophia Bush, Tiffany Brouwer
  Synopsis: Acts of Violence is a theater movie. The movie is very approximately the take dream is righteous, not to hint self-righteous. If a dozen or two folks die en route to a take over victim mammal rescued, proficiently, thats just the price that family, allegiance and courage required. that sort of ratio might seem deeply insane in the concrete world, but its routine in the simple of boilerplate militant feat movie that director Brett Donowhos feature in many mannerism typifies. Theres enormously here that taking the play-stroke into his own hands is understandably what a valid mans gotta complete. And theres no more novelty in that reactionary message anymore than there is in land of this rub and competently-paced if uninspired times-filler, which Lionsgate is giving a limited theatrical opening simultaneous when its in this area-demand forgive.

  Producer: Alana Crow, Anthony Callie, Barry Brooker, Brinton Bryan, Stephen J. Eads
  Company: Colecar Productions, Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films), River Bay Films, Tri-Fold Pictures
  Country: United Kingdom, United States
  Language: English

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