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Sep 28, 2018 | R | 97 min
  Genre: Comedy, Drama
  Director: Eva Vives
  Writer: Eva Vives
  Cast & Crew: Angelique Cabral, Beau Bridges, Camryn Manheim, Chace Crawford, Clea DuVall, Common, Jay Mohr, Kate del Castillo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Mindy Sterling
  Synopsis: Just as Nina Geld's (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) brilliant and angry stand-up kicks her career into high gear, her romantic life gets complicated, forcing her to reckon with what it means to be creative, authentic, and a woman in today's culture. Nina Geld's passion and talent have made her a rising star in the comedy scene, but she's an emotional mess offstage. When a new professional opportunity coincides with a romantic one, she is forced to confront her own deeply troubled past. Nina Geld (Winstead) is a bracingly funny and blisteringly provocative stand-up comedian whose career is taking off, but whose personal life is a near-complete disaster. To escape a difficult ex and to prepare for a prospectively life-changing audition, Nina flees to Los Angeles where she meets Rafe (Common), who challenges almost every preconception she has -- including those around her own deeply troubled past

  Producer: Alexander Draghici, Chris Goodman, Eric B. Fleischman, Greg Hannley, Joshua Astrachan
  Company: Diablo Entertainment (II)
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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