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Asylum Blackout ()

May 04, 2012 | Not Rated | 85 min
  Genre: Horror, Thriller
  Director: Alexandre Courtès
  Writer: Jérôme Fansten, S. Craig Zahler
  Cast & Crew: Anna Skellern, Claude Stark, Darren Kent, Dave Legeno, Joseph Kennedy, Kenny Doughty, Marcus Garvey, Philippe Résimont, Richard Brake, Rupert Evans
  Synopsis: Asylum Blackout is a horror, thriller movie. The movie is roughly a perform failure within the asylum kills the lights and puts them taking into account suggestion to automatic lock the length of. It's not soon as well as the inmates soon arrival to slowly recognize on peak of that primeval adage), seemingly led by the brilliantly-blue-eyed Harry Green Richard Brake, probably best known for taking the lives of the Waynes in Batman Begins, and taking a dump in Doom. In an effort to furthermore the security team of escorting the inmates protection to their rooms, the links become unaccompanied from each accessory in alternating parts of the hospital. And the inmates don't make it easy - not along in the company of than they'vis--vis throwing kitchen knives and beating weaker patients to a pulp.

  Producer: Doug Davison, Emilie Chatel, Roy Lee, Stephane Quinet, Wassim Béji
  Company: Artémis Productions, Marquis Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, Wy Productions
  Country: Belgium, France, United States
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Desespero | The Incident | Desespero | Инцидент | Asylum Blackout

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