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Asylum of Fear ()

Jan 09, 2018 | | 79 min
  Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  Director: Craig Deering
  Writer: Allen Murphy, Craig Deering, Karen Deering
  Cast & Crew: Allen Murphy, Ann Hagemann, Callie Stephens, Charles Straka, James Doherty, Joe Mack, Joette Waters, Matthew Urban, Maurice Demus, Michael Medford
  Synopsis: Asylum of Fear is a horror movie. The movie is approximately the perform of Stella Raphael (Natasha Richardson), the bored and unfulfilled wife of Max (Hugh Bonneville), a psychiatrist effective at a unapproachable mental asylum. Stella starts a affectionate taking place going on affair considering Edgar (Marton Csokas), one of the patients. Edgar is particularly dangerous, having gruesomely murdered his wife in a jealous rage. Not deterred by Edgar's violent accretion, Stella is beguiled by Edgar's passion and the affair intensifies. Although Max suspects nothing, Dr. Peter Cleave (Sir Ian McKellan) correctly guesses that the two are seeing each add-on. Cleave, who is fixated in symbol to Stella himself, attempts to realize Edgar to sanction to the affair to no avail. Edgar, who has been denied freedom, can take it no longer and breaks out of the asylum. Stella attempts to continue computer graphics without her lover, playing mother to her son, Charlie, and wife to Max. Around Christmas period, she receives a call from a friend of Edgar who arranges a rendezvous in London.

  Producer: Brett Rosin, Craig Deering, Jenni Gold, Shane Semmens
  Company: Evil Iguana Productions
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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