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Blood, Sweat, and Lies ()

Nov 17, 2018 | | min
  Genre: Thriller
  Director: Lane Shefter Bishop
  Writer: Amanda Bermudez
  Cast & Crew: Adam Huber, Briana Lane, Drew Roy, Emily Rey, Hannah Barefoot, Kevin D. Miller, Matt Cedeño, Nicholas Chow, Robert Holik, Suzanne Sumner Ferry
  Synopsis: Blood, Sweat, and Lies is a thriller movie. The movie is about an agreement to allow him to pursue his dreams as long as he worked hard in school. Haim started acting because his sister acted; now his career is taking off. In LA, Corey Feldman’s parents are divorced and he is living with his grandparents. He sees his mother when she needs something or to criticize him. Feldman sees his father when he is looking for his mother. He is often alone and left watching videos of his favorite singer Michael Jackson. In order to help his acting career, Haim’s family move to LA. At Feldman’s lowest point, Haim calls him to meet. At the beach, the two learned they had more than their names in common. They quickly became best friend and partners in crime.

  Producer: Kristofer McNeeley, Valentina Bove
  Company: Fancy Pants Films
  Language: English

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