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Blue Iguana ()

Aug 24, 2018 | | 100 min
  Genre: Comedy, Romance, Thriller
  Director: Hadi Hajaig
  Writer: Hadi Hajaig
  Cast & Crew: Al Weaver, Amanda Donohoe, Ben Schwartz, Frances Barber, Jenny Bede, Lee Nicholas Harris, Peter Ferdinando, Phoebe Fox, Sam Rockwell, Simon Callow
  Synopsis: This anarchic thriller presents a crazy, off-kilter London of action, comedy and true love. Eddie, Paul and Katharine are cool, carefree characters in a world of absolute freedoms: freedom to steal, freedom to fire a gun, freedom to kill, and freedom to fall in love. And freedom never to be hurt--at least not seriously. Only the bad guys die. Sam Rockwell and Ben Schwartz play two London-bound buddies whose outrageous antics never have serious consequences. They always wriggle out of danger, with a wisecrack, a weapon and a smile. Eddie and Paul are two innocents abroad, except they're not innocent at all. They're low-level wise guys who never really have a grip on anything. The controlling intelligence in the story is Phoebe Fox's insecure lawyer, Katherine. She's always one step ahead of the game - but is she ready to fall in love? Written by

  Producer: Adam Frangou, Dan Driscoll, Hadi Hajaig, Iain Coventry, Nasser Hajaig
  Company: UK Film Studio Productions
  Country: United Kingdom
  Language: English

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