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Bob le Flambeur ()

Jan 15, 2018 | PG | 98 min
  Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  Director: Jean-Pierre Melville
  Writer: Auguste Le Breton, Jean-Pierre Melville
  Cast & Crew: André Garet, Claude Cerval, Colette Fleury, Daniel Cauchy, Gérard Buhr, Guy Decomble, Isabelle Corey, René Havard, Roger Duchesne, Simone Paris
  Synopsis: Bob le Flambeur is a crime, drama movie. The movie is about a former bank robber and convict who has gone straight for 20 years, lives on his own as a gambler in the Montmartre district of Paris. He is well liked by the demi-monde community there, but has hit a run of bad luck and is nearly broke. Ever the gentleman, he lets an attractive young drifter called Anne stay in his flat in order to keep her from the attentions of Marc, a pimp he hates, and encourages his young protégé Paolo to become involved with her. Marc is arrested for beating up a whore, but is released on condition he becomes an informer. Ledru, the police inspector who does this, owes an unrepayable debt of gratitude to Bob, who once saved his life. Through an ex-con who is now a croupier in the casino at Deauville, Bob and his safecracker friend Roger learn that by 5.00 in the morning at the height of the season the casino safe can hold 800 million in cash. Forming a plan to lift it, they find a backer to finance their preparations and recruit a team of professional criminals.

  Producer: Jean-Pierre Melville, Roger Vidal, Serge Silberman
  Company: Organisation Générale Cinématographique, Play Art, Productions Cyme, Studios Jenner
  Country: France
  Language: English, French

Movie Also Known As:

Bob the Gambler | Bob, o Jogador | Bob el jugador | Bob el jugador | Bob le Flambeur | Bob nagyban játszik | Tobakushi Bobu | Ryzykant | Patima riscului | Bob le Flambeur | Drei Uhr nachts

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