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Corbin Nash ()

Apr 20, 2018 | TV-MA | 94 min
  Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
  Director: Ben Jagger
  Writer: Ben Jagger, Christopher P. Taylor, Dean S. Jagger
  Cast & Crew: Bruce Davison, Chris Pardal, Corey Feldman, Dean S. Jagger, Fernanda Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Brennan, Richard Wagner, Rutger Hauer, Thomas Q. Jones
  Synopsis: Set in a bloodthirsty Los Angeles, one rogue detective's (Dean S. Jagger) obsessive search for the conclusive as soon as his parents' murders leads him to trap a horrible duo of Queeny (Corey Feldman) and Vince (Richard Wagner) who drag him into a Hellish nightmare he was never prepared for. Lost to an underworld of horrors dating lessening to the coming on of times, he soon discovers that he is actually the last surviving believer of the Nash associates, a historic clan of demon hunters. As he is motivated to admit a foreboding destiny, he is attacked and brutally left for dead, single-handedly to be recovered by Macy (Fernanda Romero), a unqualified soul who is led by the unspecified Blind Prophet (Malcolm McDowell). At last, Detective Nash is reborn the ultimate killer. Seeking vengeance he wages a violent battle around the Beasts that roam the darkness of this world, finally embracing his definite legacy - CORBIN NASH, Demon Hunter. Rutger Hauer and Bruce Davison co-star.

  Producer: Ben Jagger, Carmen Aiello, Dean S. Jagger, Matthew Berkowitz, Todd Matthew Grossman
  Company: Enhance Entertainment, Jagger/Wagner Productions, StarTree Productions
  Country: United Kingdom, United States
  Language: English

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