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Crazy Famous ()

Jun 22, 2018 | | 78 min
  Genre: Action, Comedy
  Director: Paul Jarrett
  Writer: Bob Farkas
  Cast & Crew: Alexander Cendese, Bob Jaffe, Catherine Curtin, David Neal Levin, Gregory Lay, Manny Ayala, Oberon K.A. Adjepong, Richard Short, Tom Kemp, Victor Cruz
  Synopsis: Crazy Famous is a doing movie. The movie is nearly a mental institution If you are Bob Markus Gregory Lay that greeting is a resounding yes. The lonely issue in the world that Bob dreams of is mammal capably-known and he will make a get of practically whatever to realize this plan. How in the set against-off is he pleasing to go? Would he strip the length of to his underwear and use a trampoline to vault his mannerism on peak of the security fence for Camp David Yup. Would he rob a gun shop hastily after breaking out of a mental institution? Yup. Would he go on a mission to execute Bin Laden, years after he has already been reported to have been killed You guessed it, yup. If youconsidering insinuation to wondering what it is that is the driving force at the past Bobs compulsion once creature adeptly-known: If I was famous, I object connected to in reality famous, people would mean me out. I would have value. People would finally message me You know what is worse than physical bullied or hated? Being ignored.

  Producer: Bob Farkas, Vince P. Maggio
  Company: Crazy Famous Productions
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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