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May 26, 2017 | | 102 min
  Genre: Documentary
  Director: Vadim Jean
  Writer: Vadim Jean
  Cast & Crew: Albert Woodfox, Corey Johnson, Herman Wallace, Robert King
  Synopsis: Cruel and Unusual is a documentary movie. The movie is approximately a man wrongfully accused of killing his wife Maylon Bernadette Saquibal. Edgar finds himself trapped for ever and a day in a puzzling institution where he is sentenced to for ever and a day relive her death or until enlightenment whichever comes first. Edgar begins his journey towards enlightenment in a mandatory organization therapy session. With the uphold of his fellow inmates, Edgar comes going on back a dangerous strive for to subside this hopeless cycle of reliving that alarming hours of hours of day and to set anything right. Ultimately, Edgar learns that there is more to his checking account than meets the eye, and that he is actually the one to blame. Edgar must apportion his own faults to achieve radiant feeling.

  Producer: Claudia Morris, David Abraham, John Brocklehurst, Paul Brooks, Vadim Jean
  Company: Channel 4 Television Corporation, Gold Circle Films, Mob Film Company, The, UKTV
  Country: United Kingdom
  Language: English

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