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Deadly Inn ()

Jan 19, 2018 | | min
  Genre: Thriller
  Director: John Murlowski
  Cast & Crew: Adam Daniel, Aina Dumlao, Angie Patterson, Aria Pullman, Chad Michael Collins, Charlie Farrell, Jacquelin Arroyo, Kate Lin, Melinda Chilton, Phil Biedron
  Synopsis: Deadly Inn is a thriller movie. The movie is about a special category for movie that are neighter good nor bad but simply excessive a movie for example liek FX 2 the deadly art of illusion here is a movie with a plot I defy you to comprehend characters who are constatly at the mercy of the moviemaker bright ideas and a level of reality that vibrates between the absurd and the hallucinatory it not every movie in other worlds that includes both booby trapped beans and a robotic clown piloting a helicopter.

  Producer: Jennifer Phillips, John Murlowski
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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Deadly Inn

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