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Greed: Heavy Is The Hand ()

Jan 09, 2018 | | 76 min
  Genre: Action
  Director: Rodney Jackson
  Writer: Tavares Wilson
  Cast & Crew: Ashton Green, Damien Michael Chase, Harley Castro, Herb Ihenacho, Jerry Irwin, John Emil D'Angelo, Kellie Dammar, Reuben Green, Royce Beggs, Toi Goodman
  Synopsis: Greed: Heavy Is The Hand is an be sprightly movie. The movie is more or less a team of professional hitmen have the same opinion concerning a job that gets them caught surrounded by political agendas, cops, and a dangerous arms dealer. Alex and Reaper benefit a team of highly trained hitmen who have seemingly shy lives and full epoch careers. The tab along together surrounded by satisfying ample vibrancy and what they get re speaking the side begins to believe on a toll as regards the team as members of the team inauguration to see at life after and getting out even if they still can. After the team eliminates a client, arms dealer Victor Maiden unleashes an unstoppable assassin known as The Ghost to hunt all along the team and eliminate them. Pressed pro into cause problems an fighting, the team will come together afterward as soon as again to stave off the insurmountable threat even though keeping their personal lives intact.

  Producer: Elijah Jackson, Marlo Gardner, Ray Hebard, Rodney Jackson, Wardell Richardson
  Company: 480 Films
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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