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Hard as Nails ()

Nov 17, 2018 | TV-MA | 78 min
  Genre: Documentary
  Director: David Holbrooke
  Cast & Crew: Justin Fatica
  Synopsis: Hard as Nails is a documentary movie. The movie is just about a blacksmith is seen labouring at his forge, shaping nails from single strands of steel rods. The scene shifts from this peaceful setting to the commendation of a 20th-century nail mill, where banks of machines pull, scrape and pound the steel rods faster than the eye can follow. the formula by heart: The hero tries to win, but is soundly defeated by the evil superman subsequent to hint to the new side. He goes into exile, trains until he drops, gets advice from a wise very old-fashioned father figure, and moreover, in the last scene, makes his immense comeback and publicly humiliates the challenger. And gets the girl, of course.

  Producer: Sarah Holbrooke, Sarah Klein, Tom Mason
  Company: Giraffe Partners
  Country: United States
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Duro como una roca | Egy fel nem szentelt pap

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