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Have a Nice Day ()

Jan 12, 2018 | | 77 min
  Genre: Animation, Comedy, Crime
  Director: Jian Liu
  Writer: Jian Liu
  Cast & Crew: Cao Kou, Xiaofeng Ma, Yang Siming, Zhu Changlong
  Synopsis: Have a Nice Day is a drama movie. The movie is about an animated movie set in modern day China, it might look something like “Have a Nice Day,” an ensemble drama about the criminal underworld. The second feature from Liu Jian Piercing I presents a series of interlocking tales in a pulpy display of desperate characters, all drawn together by a typical device  money  and the reckless behavior caused by it. The vivid palette of Liu’s animation conveys a comic book-like exuberance to the proceedings, but the underlying socioeconomic frustration is very real.

  Producer: Cheng Yang, Jian Liu, Rui Jin
  Company: Jiamei Spring Pictures, Le-Joy Animation Studio, NeZha Bros. Pictures
  Country: China
  Language: Mandarin

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Have a Nice Day | Και καλή σας μέρα | Milego dnia

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