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Dec 10, 2018 | Not Rated | 98 min
  Genre: Documentary
  Director: Adrian Buitenhuis
  Writer: Adrian Buitenhuis, John Barbisan
  Cast & Crew: Argus Hamilton, Bill Burr, Bill Kinison, Corey Feldman, Dan Barton, Joey Gaynor, Lue Deck, Ron Jeremy, Steve Epstein, Tommy Chong
  Synopsis: I Am Sam Kinison is a documentary movie. The movie is about  a steep trajectory to fame, excess, despair and near-redemption, Sam meets a sudden and early death when struck by a drunk driver in 1992. Using extensive clips from his comedy specials that cover some of his favorite topics including marriage, women, homosexuality, God, religion and world hunger Sam tells much of his story himself in a barrage of comedic feints and blows, shrieking and misanthropic riffing.

  Producer: Adrian Buitenhuis, Bianca Cervantes, John Barbisan, Paul Gertz, Tim Gamble
  Company: Network Entertainment
  Country: Canada
  Language: English

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