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In Darkness ()

May 25, 2018 | | 100 min
  Genre: Thriller
  Director: Anthony Byrne
  Writer: Anthony Byrne, Natalie Dormer
  Cast & Crew: Amber Anderson, Bern Collaço, Ed Skrein, Emily Ratajkowski, James Cosmo, Jan Bijvoet, Joely Richardson, Kim Adis, Natalie Dormer, Neil Maskell
  Synopsis: Leopold Socha (Robert Wieckiewicz) is a sewer worker in Nazi-occupied Lvov, Poland. When he finds a liveliness of Jews hiding in the sewers, Leopold agrees to guard them from the Nazis in argument for maintenance, even even though it could objective his death if they are found. Though he is solely angry by cash at first, their experiences benefit Leopold to speak to a vary view of the people sedated his guidance. When calamity strikes, Leopold is bothered into a unmovable court feat of courage.

  Producer: Adam Morane-Griffiths, Anthony Byrne, Joshua Horsfield, Natalie Dormer, Rory Aitken
  Company: 42
  Country: United Kingdom, United States
  Language: English

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