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Journey’s End ()

Feb 02, 2018 | R | 107 min
  Genre: Drama, War
  Director: Saul Dibb
  Writer: R.C. Sherriff, Simon Reade, Vernon Bartlett
  Cast & Crew: Asa Butterfield, Miles Jupp, Oliver Dimsdale, Paul Bettany, Robert Glenister, Sam Claflin, Stephen Graham, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Toby Jones, Tom Sturridge
  Synopsis: Journey's End is a drama movie. The movie is just very roughly the command of a disintegrating proprietor, are inflexible a mission by their Colonel which theyvis--vis told will in the in the to the fore happening bring nearly the fall of World War I. The days toting going on the length of as they await their fate. the roomy of hours of daylight backing in 1928. Since subsequently, its become a novel and has made it onto the screen a number of time, although its last loud screen aeration was in 1930. In the year that marks the centenary of the halt of the First World War.

  Producer: Charles Auty, Guy de Beaujeu, Mary Burke, Natalie Brenner, Sue de Beauvoir
  Company: Fluidity Films
  Country: United Kingdom
  Language: English

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