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La Boda de Valentina ()

Oct 21, 2018 | | min
  Genre: Comedy, Romance
  Director: Marco Polo Constandse
  Writer: Beto Gómez, Issa López, Santiago Limón
  Cast & Crew: Christian Tappán, Harding Junior, Ingrid Dion, Jesús Zavala, Kate Vernon, Marimar Vega, Omar Chaparro, Ryan Carnes, Sabine Moussier, Tony Dalton
  Synopsis: La Boda de Valentina is a comedy movie. The movie is about a unqualified job and a innocent boyfriend, Jason Tate (Ryan Carnes)far and wide-off and wide, far afield from her scandalous diplomatic relatives in Mexico. When Jason proposes to her and wants to intensify flaming to meet the family she has been keeping a nameless, her two worlds quarrel. Adding to the humorous disorder, her relatives brings her ex, Angel, (Omar Chaparro) into the describe and convinces Valentina to find the share for in a animatronics marriage to him in an effort to fall buildup negative press as her dad runs for on-election. In the halt.

  Producer: Avelino Rodríguez, Carlos Taibo, Issa López, Marco Polo Constandse, Tania Benítez
  Company: Filmadora Nacional
  Country: Mexico
  Language: English, Spanish

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