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LBJ ()

Nov 03, 2017 | R | 98 min
  Genre: Biography, Drama
  Director: Rob Reiner
  Writer: Joey Hartstone
  Cast & Crew: Bill Pullman, C. Thomas Howell, Gary Grubbs, Jeffrey Donovan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Mosley, Michael Stahl-David, Rich Sommer, Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson
  Synopsis: LBJ is a performing movie. the movie is about a a Hollywood biopic. The fact that the gigantic biographer Robert Caro has devoted four doorstop volumes to the man so far away afield should be proof ample. LBJ was a tough-as-nails Texan who could bluff, bully, or bust out a pull awful depending upon the hours of hours of daylight and the occasion. He was The Master of the Senate practiced to forge compromise at a era in the midst of our nation was acerbically on bad terms. He was a vice president who stoically steered the country through one of its greatest tragedies behind JFK was assassinated. His accomplishments in the Oval Office were both long-reaching in their vision the commencement of Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, and the passageway of important civil rights legislation and equally long-reaching in their nonappearance of vision his senseless escalation of the act in Vietnam.

  Producer: Chris Conover, Elizabeth A. Bell, Liz Glotzer, Lloyd Braun, Matthew George
  Company: Acacia Filmed Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, Parkside Pictures, Savvy Media Holdings, Star Thrower Entertainment
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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