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Oct 12, 2018 | | min
  Genre: Comedy
  Director: Atul Sriva, Manveer Choudhary, Sonia Kour
  Writer: Atul Sriva
  Cast & Crew: Atul Sriva, Jeet Kumar, Manveer Choudhary, Matin Khan, Neha Kargeti, Rhythm Arora, Rohin Robert, Samarth Shandilya, Sonia Kour
  Synopsis: MAAL ROAD DELHI" is a Bollywood Movie which is slated to be released in multiple cinema houses across the country . The movie is produced by "VIDYA MOVIES INTERNATIONAL" and directed by Mr. Atul Sriva, and produced by Mr. Amit Srivastva. There are two Lead actors in the movie, namely Atul Sriva and Manveer Choudhary while Sonia Kaur is the actress. The film is based on the life of the young and dynamic youth of India, who wants to move ahead in life, but face adversaries, problems issues during the course of their journey. The movie showcases those sentiments effectively. In the movie just like any other young boy/girl in the world they also fall in love, so this film has been made keeping all those important aspects/events like the hard and harsh struggle path, unpleasant incidents and bad circumstances etc. in mind. You'll see a lighter side of the story as well like The Love, Joyfulness, Optimism, and Lots of Fun. So you can even term this Film as a Fully Commercial, Enjoyable and Entertaining one. If you have seen the movie "Pyar Ka Panchnama", this film is going to bring more entertainment and is definitely worth watching. This movie will make you laugh by tickling your funny bone and you may also shed a tear during the troubles they go through when they fall in love. Other cast - Samrath Shandilya,Jeet Kumar, Rohin, Matin Khan, Neha Kargeti, Rythm Arora

  Producer: Atul Sriva, Manveer Choudhary, Sonia Kour
  Country: India
  Language: Hindi

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