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Feb 14, 2007 | PG-13 | 96 min
  Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
  Director: Marc Lawrence
  Writer: Hugh Grant, Scott Porter, Writer: Marc Lawrence
  Cast & Crew: Andrew Wyatt, Brad Garrett, Brooke Tansley, Dan McMillan, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Hugh Grant, Nick Bacon, Scott Porter, Tom Foligno, Zak Orth
  Synopsis: Music and Lyrics is a comedy movie. The movie is about a semi-washed-up British pop star whose heyday was in the haircut-band ’80s, Hugh Grant, one of the stars of Music and Lyrics delivers a reasonably convincing impersonation of, well, Hugh Grant. He stammers articulately, ducks his head coyly to one side and ornaments his line readings with cute qualifications and digressions, as in: “We have tonight, the morning and just the teeniest little bit of the afternoon. There is no shame in this kind of consistency or predictability. After all, the movie stars of old delighted their fans by inhabiting the same basic persona in role after role. Before Hugh Grant, for instance there was another Grant, Cary who was always reliably himself and who enjoyed the good fortune of working with some of Hollywood’s finest directors, from Howard Hawks to Alfred Hitchcock.

  Producer: Bruce Berman, Hal Gaba, Liz Glotzer, Nancy Juvonen, Scott Elias
  Company: Castle Rock Entertainment, Flower Films (II), Reserve Room, Village Roadshow Pictures
  Country: United States
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Letra y música | Letra e Música | Letra y música | Mitten ins Herz | Mitten ins Herz - Ein Song für dich | Et sikkert hit | Muusika ja sõnad | Tú la letra, yo la música | Sävel ja sanat | Le come back | Music and Lyrics | Glazba i stihovi | Zene és szöveg | Scrivimi una canzone | Muzika ir zodziai | Letra y música | Prosto w serce | Música e Letra | С глаз - долой, из чарта - вон! | Glasba in besedilo | Letra y música

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