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Jun 16, 2017 | | 85 min
  Genre: Horror
  Director: Dennis Bartok
  Writer: Dennis Bartok, Tom Abrams
  Cast & Crew: Charlotte Bradley, Dennis Bartok, Kreeta Taponen, Leah McNamara, Muireann D'Arcy, Richard Foster-King, Robert O'Mahoney, Ross Noble, Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall
  Synopsis: Nails is a horror movie. The movie is about a hit-and-manage, the head injuries suffered by track coach Dana Macdonald have rendered her paralyzed, back gaps in her memory and loss of speech to boot. Bed-ridden in a isolated ward in a cheap hospital, the single-handedly one she and her husband (Wall) can afford, Dana begins to hallucinate, seeing a odd figure looming progressive than her at night. With everyone thinking this is a outcome of her head insult, and nurse Trevor Noble convinced that the marks re her body are self-inflicted, the afraid Dana goes more or less researching who the mysterious person might be and discovers that this hospital when employed a logically unhinged nurse, nicknamed Nails Richard Foster-King who murdered children and kept their nail clippings.

  Producer: Brendan McCarthy, Jan Doense, John Brady, Joseph Kaufman, Tom Abrams
  Company: Fantastic Films
  Country: Ireland
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Проклятие Хопвелл

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