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Overboard ()

May 04, 2018 | | min
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  Synopsis: Overboard is a romantic movie. The movie is about a rich, frigid, bitch in a loveless marriage. She embodies the adage money doesn’t buy happiness because she has a ton of money and all it will buy  jewelry, yachts, and even a talking ape for a butler, all this notwithstanding, she is a miserable shrew. While docked in a little town, she hires a white trash carpenter Dean Proffit, played by RJ MacReady, to build her a custom closet. Unhappy with the wood used, she stiffs him and pushes him and his tools overboard and sets sail.

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Movie Also Known As:

Átejtve | ¡Hombre al agua! | I ze ci nie odpuszcze | Pela Borda Fora | За бортом | Moj lazni moz

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