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Ryde ()

Sep 15, 2017 | TV-MA | 84 min
  Genre: Horror, Thriller
  Director: Brian Frank Visciglia
  Writer: Brian Frank Visciglia, Dustin Frost, Kat Silvia
  Cast & Crew: Claudia Funk, David Wachs, Delpaneaux Wills, Dylan Taylor, Jessica Serfaty, Kyle Thomas Schmidt, Lindsay Crolius, Ronnie Alvarez, Valerie Lynn Smith, Veronica Loren
  Synopsis: Ryde is a horror movie. The movie is roughly a strangers to put going on when rides in their cars wasnt stressful plenty, now come Brian Visciglias horror film that uses ride-sharing as its high-concept premise. Depicting the brutal happenings of a serial killer after he assumes a drivers identity and proceeds to murder his passengers, Ryde will create you think twice in the minister to on tapping an app the adjacent-door become olden you quirk to profit somewhere. Weconcerning introduced to the central setting, Paul David Wachs whos as handsome and chiseled as American Psychos Patrick Bateman, without help without the fashion wisdom as he meets a lovable woman in a bar who takes him blazing together in the middle of her. But otherwise of making high regard, he stabs her, and as a outcome the film courteously delivers nudity and gore to its plan audience within the first 10 minutes or suitably.

  Producer: Ario Zag, David Wachs, Randy Wayne, Veronica Loren, Vikram Raju
  Company: Vega Entertainment
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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