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The Cage Fighter ()

Jun 22, 2018 | | 81 min
  Genre: Action, Documentary, Drama
  Director: Jeff Unay
  Cast & Crew: Callie Carman, Clayton Hoy, Delanee Carman, Joe Carman, Kira Carman, Mia Carman, Norinda Reed, Vernon Beach
  Synopsis: The Cage Fighter is an action movie. The movie is about a man in the fight of his life. Joe Carman (40) is a blue-collar Washington State boilermaker and master plumber, a loving father and husband. Unable to cope with stresses at home, reeling from his wife’s recent illness and an ongoing custody battle, Joe escapes back into the fighting cage — the one place he’d promised never to set foot again. By trading his inner pain for physical blows, Joe struggles to heal himself and come to terms with his past. In the fighting cage, life’s problems are as simple as they are acute; but there, unlike in the real world, an old fighter can at least go down swinging.

  Producer: Andrea Meditch, Ariel Sultan, David Teague, James Orara, Jeff Unay
  Company: Cinereach, Lineage Films, The Filmmaker Fund
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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