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The Commodore Story ()

Nov 17, 2018 | | 120 min
  Genre: Documentary
  Director: Steven Fletcher
  Writer: Steven Fletcher
  Cast & Crew: Ben Daglish, Bil Herd, Dave Haynie, David Murray, David Pleasance, Leonard Tramiel, Mark Knight, R.J. Mical, Rob Hubbard, Trevor Dickinson
  Synopsis: The Commodore Story is a cram packed 2 hour documentary film that take on us through Commodore's world changing magnification from the 70's to the 90's from the PET, Vic20, C64 to the Amiga and more than including the enormously rare C65 and the greeting of supplementary Commodore similar products that are hitting the market today. Commodore was started by Jack Tramiel who was a survivor of the Holocaust. He sets the style of matter he did in imitation of the declaration 'Business is War' eventually getting pushed out of Commodore and buying the competition Atari. We do something the full bureau bearing in mind heart felt and humorous interviews that manage to pay for a pleasant narrative to a pioneering company that still has millions of retro users following insinuation to the world.

  Producer: Steven Fletcher, Torsten Franz, Trevor Dickinson
  Company: WavemStudios
  Country: United Kingdom
  Language: English

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