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The Farthest ()

Aug 11, 2017 | PG | 121 min
  Genre: Documentary, History
  Director: Emer Reynolds
  Writer: Emer Reynolds
  Cast & Crew: Carolyn Porco, Charley Kohlhase, Edward Stone, Fran Bagenal, Frank Drake, John Casani, Larry Soderblom, Lawrence Krauss, Nick Sagan, Timothy Ferris
  Synopsis: The Farthest is a documentary movie. The movie is on the subject of a It's become increasingly rare for documentary makers to position and create a film that's meant for a invincible screen, and The Farthest is a reminder that documentaries don't always have to be loose presentations back visual aids. They can use music, the theater, emotion and checking account to carry it all single one share of along - and The Farthest has every one of single one of these along as expertly as room left far afield ahead than to document one of mankind's greatest achievements.the streets, fields, roads and all else of Earth gone audio taken from the famed Golden Records playing. From the the complete gain-go, it's sure that The Farthest's strive for is to lift you out of your seat and hurl you into the stars and it does that when some astute CGI showing Voyager's travels through manner, actual NASA photographs and imagery, and vintage footage of the launch itself.

  Producer: Dennis Liu, John Murray, Keith Potter, Sean B. Carroll, Zlata Filipovic
  Company: Crossing the Line Productions
  Country: Ireland
  Language: English

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Najdalej | Самый дальний

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