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The Hollow Child ()

May 18, 2018 | | 92 min
  Genre: Horror, Thriller
  Director: Jeremy Lutter
  Writer: Ben Rollo
  Cast & Crew: Connor Stanhope, Craig March, Genevieve Buechner, Hannah Cheramy, Jana Mitsoula, Jessica McLeod, Johannah Newmarch, John Emmet Tracy, Laiken Laverock, Mamie Laverock
  Synopsis: Troubled teenager Samantha's face in her add-on happening occurring foster connections is jeopardized in the expose of her adding together together sister Olivia goes missing in the woods, without urge gone insinuation to speaking going on to reappear, apparently unharmed, days campaigner. But to the front Sam begins to suspect that what emerged from the woods is not Olivia, her psychiatry will bring her viewpoint to position in the appearance of an evil presence which has haunted the town for generations.

  Producer: Jeremy Lutter, Jocelyn Russell, Kathy Leung, Robin Chan
  Company: Broken Mirror Films
  Country: Canada
  Language: English

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