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Mar 09, 2018 | PG-13 | 100 min
  Genre: Action, Thriller
  Director: Rob Cohen
  Writer: Anthony Fingleton, Carlos Davis, Jeff Dixon, Scott Windhauser
  Cast & Crew: Ben Cross, Christian Contreras, Ed Birch, Jamie Andrew Cutler, Jimmy Walker, Maggie Grace, Melissa Bolona, Ralph Ineson, Ryan Kwanten, Toby Kebbell
  Synopsis: The Hurricane Heist is an accomplish movie. The movie is approximately a hurricane, opportunistic criminals infiltrate a US Mint finishing to steal $600 million for the ultimate heist. When the hurricane blows going on into a lethal Category 5 storm and their dexterously-made plans go awry, they deem themselves needing a vault code known and no-one else by one Treasury Agent Maggie Grace, a dependence that turns murderous. But the Treasury agent has picked occurring an unlikely ally, a meteorologist Toby Kebbell scared of hurricanes but adjoin to save his estranged brother kidnapped by the thieves.

  Producer: Byron Allen, Karen Elise Baldwin, Marina Bespalov, Sergei Bespalov, Tamara Birkemoe
  Company: Dream Team Films, Foresight Unlimited, Head Gear Films, Metrol Technology, Parkside Pictures, RSVP Entertainment, Signature Pictures, Tadross Media Group, Windfall Productions
  Country: United States
  Language: English

Movie Also Known As:

Hurricane | Hurrikán meló | Huragan | Categoria Cinco | Rop med orkanom | Погоня за ураганом

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