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May 25, 2018 | | 91 min
  Genre: Comedy, Drama
  Director: Bruce La Bruce
  Writer: Bruce La Bruce
  Cast & Crew: Caprice Crawford, Grete Gehrke, Kembra Pfahler, Kita Updike, Lina Bembe, Olivia Kundisch, Susanne Sachße, Til Schindler, Victoire Laly, Viva Ruiz
  Synopsis: The Misandrists begin along in the middle of Volker, a minor man behind an insulted leg, stumbling through the forest, pursued by the police and their tracking dogs. When he emerges from the woods, he sees two teen women, Isolde and Hilde, frolicking in a arena not far away and wide from a large pass country house. When the pretty juvenile Isolde realizes that the handsome pubescent man is in make miserable once the sham, she convinces Hilde to help her conceal him in the basement of the settle, which happens to be a theoretical for wayward girls. Isolde forces Hilde to assent to save the young people man's presence in the basement hidden from the burning of the household, especially from Big Mother, who runs the intellectual, which is comprised of twelve new females: four teachers and eight young women rescued from the streets. It is a lesbian separatist stronghold. Isolde namelessly nurses Volker benefit to health, but does not permit him know that the studious for girls is in addition to a front for a quasi-terrorist running called the FLA - the Female Liberation Army - that is pleasurable to collect together any lengths to challenge the patriarchy. Meanwhile, we are introduced to every single one share of the subsidiary girls and women of the quarters, discovering their backgrounds and their dealings following one option, their beliefs and womanifestos. Several of the members of this campaigner female tribe are harbouring secrets of their own, which are eventually revealed as the film moves towards its climax: the pronouncement of an extra style of lesbian porn that is to be used as both propaganda tool and calling card for their added brand of female lawlessness. Blessed be the Goddess of every one worlds that has not made me a man.

  Producer: Alexandre Dieval, Carla Arocha, Jürgen Brüning, Paula Alamillo, Sonja Klümper
  Company: Amard Bird Films, Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion, Raspberry & Cream
  Country: Germany
  Language: Danish, English, German

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