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Mar 03, 2004 | TV-MA | 99 min
  Genre: Drama
  Director: Tommy Wiseau
  Writer: Tommy Wiseau
  Cast & Crew: Carolyn Minnott, Dan Janjigian, Greg Ellery, Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle, Kyle Vogt, Mike Holmes, Philip Haldiman, Robyn Paris, Tommy Wiseau
  Synopsis: The Room is a drama movie. The movie is about a a successful banker who lives in a San Francisco townhouse with Lisa, his fiancée. Lisa, however, having become dissatisfied with her life and Johnny, seduces his best friend Mark and the two begin a secret affair. As the wedding date approaches and Johnny's influence at his bank slips, Lisa alternates between glorifying and vilifying Johnny to her family and friends, both making false accusations of domestic abuse and defending Johnny against criticisms. Meanwhile, Johnny, having overheard Lisa confess her infidelity to her mother, attaches a tape recorder to their phone in an attempt to identify her lover. Denny, a neighboring student whom Johnny financially and emotionally supports, has a run-in with an armed drug dealer named Chris-R, whom Johnny and Mark overpower and take into custody. Denny also lusts after Lisa, ultimately confessing to Johnny his attraction. Johnny slowly begins spiraling into a mental haze and calls upon Peter, his and Mark's psychologist friend. Peter alternates between defending Lisa and assessing her as a sociopath, which results in Mark, feeling guilty about his and Lisa's affair, briefly trying to murder him.

  Producer: Chloe Lietzke, Drew Caffrey, Greg Sestero, Justin Silverman, Tommy Wiseau
  Company: Wiseau-Films
  Country: United States
  Language: English

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A szoba | Soba

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