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Three Identical Strangers ()

Jun 29, 2018 | PG-13 | 96 min
  Genre: Documentary
  Director: Tim Wardle
  Cast & Crew: Adrian Lichter, Andrew Lovesey, David Kellman, Eddy Galland, Rachel VanDuzer, Robert Shafran, Ron Guttman, Silvi Alzetta-Reali
  Synopsis: Three strangers are reunited by astonishing coincidence after being born identical triplets, separated at birth, and adopted by three different families. Their jaw-dropping, feel-good story instantly becomes a global sensation complete with fame and celebrity, however, the fairy-tale reunion sets in motion a series of events that unearth an unimaginable secret - a secret with radical repercussions for us all.

  Producer: Adam Hawkins, Dimitri Doganis, Louise Dew, Poppy Dixon, Tom Barry
  Company: RAW
  Country: United Kingdom
  Language: English

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