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Till We Meet Again ()

Nov 25, 2016 | Not Rated | 105 min
  Genre: Adventure, Drama
  Director: Bank Tangjaitrong
  Writer: Alix Purcell, John Matton
  Cast & Crew: Astrea Campbell-Cobb, Elly Han, Emrhys Cooper, James Beaman, James Kacey, John Matton, Linnea Larsdotter, Rachel Rossin, Timothy Ryan Hickernell, Vithaya Pansringarm
  Synopsis: Till We Meet Again is a drama movie. The movie is about  a young writer dependent on the love of his life Joanna Linnea Larsdotter, argue and split up in the unfamiliar country of Thailand. We follow them on their separate journeys as Joanna meets up with her childhood friend David and Erik cross path with three backpackers Jamie, Cecile and Miranda. The journey takes unexpected consequences when temporary attraction, anxiety, loneliness and unfamiliar grounds forces Joanna and Erik to learn who they really are. Throughout their journey in Thailand we sporadically flashback into the beginning of Erik and Joanna's life in New York to learn who they are - each time we reveal a moment further back in time leading up to the first time they met.

  Producer: Erin Lark Gray, John Matton, Linnea Larsdotter, Nakanyarom Siriphakcharath, Sebastián Gonella
  Company: Changing Film Productions, Dream It Productions
  Country: Thailand, United States
  Language: English, Thai

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