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Marvel Knights: Spider-Man season 1 ()

Mar 08, 2015 | | 65 min
  Genre: Sci-Fi
  Director: Heath Gleason, Tyler Buckingham, Writers: John Martin Maund
  Writer: Heath Gleason, Jesse Scimeca, John Martin Maund, Steve Ditko
  Cast & Crew: Abby Coe, Ben Lafon, Casey Priehs, David Coppage, Heath Gleason, Jesse Scimeca, Richard DiTaranto, Samuel Scimeca, Tyler Buckingham, Virgil Williams
  Synopsis: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man is a science-fiction show. The show is about a the first issue of this, and while I am not against non-sequential story telling (I love the work of David Lynch for example I decided I didn’t wish to invest in a monthly comic that borrowed from that style. I was then asked to review issue 5…for what it’s worth Peter and Mary Jane get together at the end. Plot: Well, erm…this is less of a “traditional” story, and more of a…mood piece. An exploration of feelings through…imagery Long story short this is the most pro Peter/MJ comic I’ve read from Marvel in years, it just gets a little lost on the way.

  Producer: Heath Gleason, Tyler Buckingham, Writers: John Martin Maund

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