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Mister Ed season 1 ()

Oct 18, 2018 | TV-G | 30 min
  Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  Cast & Crew: Al Roberts, Alan Young, Barry Kelley, Connie Hines, Edna Skinner, Florence MacMichael, Larry Keating, Leon Ames, Mister Ed, Reed Howes
  Synopsis: Mister Ed is a comedy war. the perform is approximately a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post. Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur. But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of cause problems because Mister Ed won't chat to anyone else, in view of that Carol, Wilbur's wife, thinks that Wilbur loves Mister Ed more moreover he loves her, because he spends for that defense much time taking into account Mister Ed. Mister Ed as well as talks very roughly the telephone and goes out of his barn to cause mischief, for which Wilbur gets responsible.

  Company: Filmways Television, The Mister Ed Company
  Country: United States
  Language: English

TV Series Also Known As:

Mr. Ed | Mister Ed | Monsieur Ed, le cheval qui parle | Mister Ed, il mulo parlante | Ed - kon, który mówi

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